Methods of Checking AC Efficiency

Methods of Checking AC Efficiency

While the temperature is still hot in Salisbury, it’s the perfect time to ensure that your air conditioner uses energy efficiently. Maintaining the proper energy usage will help you keep money in your pocket and lengthen the amount of time your AC remains in good condition. Here are some simple methods of deducing whether your AC is efficient.

Time Taken to Cycle

A properly maintained system will turn on immediately and cycle until the air in the room is cooled to the desired temperature. Faulty systems will sometimes persist longer or cycle in short bursts that don’t really leave your home much cooler. Both of these scenarios are signs that your system is wasting energy. The issue could be the size of your unit.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen and dirt are trapped in your air conditioner’s filters, and they should be replaced routinely. This keeps your airways clean and the air you breathe free of particles. If those airways become clogged, the resulting situation will make your AC work harder to cool your home. In addition to that, your air quality could drop significantly. So, bad air quality could be a sign that you have airflow constriction in your system causing your energy to go to waste.

At-Home Test

To accurately determine your air conditioner’s efficiency, you will need to measure the temperature of the air going into and coming out of your system. The first thing you’ll need is a thermometer. After you’ve acquired it, follow the instructions below to gauge the efficiency of your system:

Turn the AC on and wait about 15 minutes. Place the thermometer on a supply register and leave it there for another five minutes. Record this temperature. Next, follow the same procedure with the return vent. If the air going out is at least 15 degrees cooler than the air coming in, your air conditioner is running efficiently.

High Quality Service

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Published: March 01, 2022

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