Ductless Systems and Mini-Splits

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Central air systems aren't the only solution for indoor heating and cooling. Ductless mini-split systems can be excellent alternatives for existing properties, new construction or commercial facilities. Whether wall mounts are installed, ceiling cassettes are used, or a VRF  is preferred, the ductless feature of this heating and cooling system offers such benefits such as:

  • Energy efficiency (no duct work and therefore no loss of air through unsealed, damaged or improperly installed ductwork)
  • Less repair work and maintenance (maintenance is always recommended in order to clean areas not seen by a consumer eye and required by manufacturer's to maintain equipment warranty)
  • A simpler installation which is great for home additions or rooms built without ducts
  • No duct cleaning
  • Flexibility creating different temperature "zones"
  • Some units come equipped with dehumidifiers and reusable filters

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