What is VRF?

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow system is a single, start-of-the-art HVAC system that consists of a single outdoor unit connecting to multiple indoor units.

This system works as a single refrigerant circuit that heats and cools any space in a superior and efficient way, providing improved humidity control, an extremely quiet comfort experience, as well as individual set points per indoor unit.


Why VRF?

It is the use of inverter compressors within VRF systems that allow for high efficiency. This inverter technology is what permits the up and down ramping of the compressor to fulfill the comfort needs of the space it is conditioning. In addition, heating and cooling can exist simultaneously across different zones and as a result, increased comfort and energy savings occur. Overall, the versatility and customization options of a VRF system are what makes it such an attractive and ideal option for commercial spaces and facilities.

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