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Salisbury, MD Air Conditioning

Do you have a no cooling issue? Are you asking yourself how much an AC system costs? Or, when should my system be serviced? Having true comfort and appropriate air flow within the cooling season is typically a must for most households; and we agree. Not only does air conditioning provide cold air inside a space but will remove heat and humidity from the indoor air. Cooling systems are designed to run and remove humidity, not blast out cold air, like an old window unit. A properly sized air conditioning system will run a nice long cycle to dehumidify. This is actually what makes the space an ideal and comfortable place you want to live and work in.

Salisbury, MD Heating

Did you know heating systems can come in multiple configurations? They comprise of oil, natural gas, propane and even electric. While issues with any system aren’t good, problems with fossil fuel systems such as oil or gas, can cause you, your family or business costly and dangerous carbon monoxide issues. Even if a surprise repair or replacement is needed, we have multiple finance packages to choose from.

Salisbury, MD Plumbing

Plumbing is often taken for granted. It is an important component to the clean management, distribution and disposal of one of our most valuable resources – water. Plumbing provides comfort and convenience, helps conserve, can save energy but most importantly gives us control. However, this tends to be taken for granted. So when an issues arises, it's important the plumbing contractor you call is not only ready, but capable and provides the services that you need.

Have leaky fixtures, valves or pipes? We fix that. Does your sink have trouble draining? Toilet clogging up more than usual? We service that. We use the finest hydroscrub jetting technology to knock any stubborn grime, grease or dirt out of the way, leaving your drains clean and clear. Looking to renovate your home? Adding that extra (much-needed) bathroom? We use our sanitary inspection camera and locator to identify, map, and mark your drainage system to make adding that bathroom a breeze. Find yourself growing tired of lugging that laundry basket up and down the stairs all day? With our expert technicians, we can add a washer service box and dryer vent to nearly anywhere in the house. Say goodbye to the laundry day marathon!

Other services include – toilet, sink wash basins, floor drains, fixture replacement and install as well as propane / natural gas piping and equipment inspections – giving you peace of mind when using gas appliances.

Why Real HVAC Services?

Here at Real HVAC Services, we are the #1 Delmarva HVAC and Plumbing Company and our skilled technicians have been providing fast, efficient and affordable service to the area since 2007.

As a Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier and Pro Installer of LG, you can trust you’re working with the best in the business. We work on all types of makes, models, brands and systems. From heat pumps, ductless systems to commercial rooftop units, we’ve got you covered.

We always guarantee our work and whether it’s for installs, maintenance, repairs, regular service or emergency needs, our team of certified technicians are ready to serve, day, night or weekend, 24/7. So if you’re in Salisbury, MD or the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us today.

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